>(*) And that even if the Gauss output could be displayed live on the
>you would not get the final result while tweaking it, as one needs
>to perform a levels operation on the intermediate mask, so that
>the transparency level is 0 (full trasnparency) at the edge of the
>pasted layer, else, the feathering the temporary mask is useless.
Full transparency at the edge -- yes, very important!  I've noticed in some
cases that even the very edge, as faded as it is, is still a 'hard' edge.  That
definitely won't do.

>(you can move the pasted layer around when
>the gaussian-blur window pops up)
>check it out from:
I'm very interested, but I can't figure out what to do with the contents of file
feather_paste.py.  I can't find any .py files in any GIMP subfolder.  I've
googled, to no avail.  Thanks.


By the way, is there a way to not have to type in the 'challenge' every time I
want to post in this forum?  Can't always read those darned little things. 
Also, can I not edit a post after I've made it?  If you happen to know.  Thanks.

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