On 29.12.2013 at 7:32 PM EGoldman wrote:>
Thank you so very much for responding. It isn't working for me. I am still
looking at my image and the canvas with squares. Should I be opening "new layer"
and if so how do I get it black? I'm so close yet so far ...lol


to get a black layer:
1. Set the foreground color to black by pressing the 'd' key (not
Shift+d, but only the lowercase 'd').
2. Add a new layer: in the layers dialog press the left most button
('New layer') and choose 'Layer fill type: Foreground color'. Instead
of the layers dialog you can also use the Layers menu, item 'New layer...'.
3. In the layers dialog drag the new layer and drop it below the
layer with your original image.



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