Hi folks,

Either I am blind or incompetent, maybe both... a hint would be much 

I wanted to set up a template for dealing with printing four images on a sheet.

I created an image the size of the sheet and then added four layers, each of 
desired image size which needed to be positioned appropriately.

When I went to position the images, I could not find any reasonable way with 
move command or with any of the layer operations to position each layer 
By that I mean simply type in the coordinates of the upper left corner, or move
with the mouse where I see a text version of the upper left coordinate of the 
layer position as I move.

If trying to position using the mouse, the lower left of the status line shows 
the position of the pointer itself, so that is useless in positioning the layer 
as a whole; and the numbers to the right of the per-cent size display show how 
much the layer has moved relative to its starting position, not the absolute 
position of the upper left corner.  (I'll grant that the latter is useful, but 
in this case one needs something else, particularly if a layer has been moved 
and needs to be repositioned to a fixed location.)

The only way I could get what I wanted was to expand to 800%, and at that 
magnification I could grab the upper left corner with the mouse so the mouse
position was itself the upper left corner position.  
Surely there's a better way?

Layer/Layer to Boundary Size... does not appear to work as advertised.  The 
offset appears 
to be relative to the original size of the layer, not the original size of the 
The panner image is limited to the size of the layer, not the image. 
When you first bring up the dialog, you are unable to reposition the layer 
unless you change 
the layer size to make the layer smaller.  If you make the layer half the size 
of its original 
size and then click "Center", the offset is set to - 1/2 the size of the 
original image, 
not + 1/2, which seems bizarre.  The layer is scaled properly, and ends up 
where you
would expect (based on the center command given, but not based on the offsets 
but the values in the Offset boxes seem to have the wrong sign.  It works by
moving the original layer relative to the desired new layer, rather than 
position the new
layer size relative to the image.  Which means you can't move the layer 
relative to the image
if the layer is smaller than the image, and the graphic panner doesn't show you 
the layer
position relative to the image as a whole.  It is not at all intuitive and is 
not useful
for quite a few common cases.

Layer/Transform/Offset shifts the contents, but not the layer itself.  Which is 
what it
is supposed to do, so that's ok; it's just not usable for this operation.

Thanks for any clues,

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