On 01/02/2014 06:38 PM, Gary Aitken wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Either I am blind or incompetent, maybe both... a hint would be much 
> appreciated:
> I wanted to set up a template for dealing with printing four images on a 
> sheet.
> I created an image the size of the sheet and then added four layers, each of 
> the 
> desired image size which needed to be positioned appropriately.
> When I went to position the images, I could not find any reasonable way with 
> the 
> move command or with any of the layer operations to position each layer 
> precisely.
> By that I mean simply type in the coordinates of the upper left corner, or 
> move
> with the mouse where I see a text version of the upper left coordinate of the 
> new
> layer position as I move.

I strongly suspect that there's a "better way" to do this, but I
have done similar things by using guide lines.  This makes dragging
layers into position a snap - quite literally, the edge of the layer
snap to the guidelines.

Doing control-a followed by Image > Guides > Selection to guides,
will make the edges of the image canvas "sticky".

Doing Image > Guides > New guide by percent, twice with appropriate
values selected in the dialog, will put horizontal and vertical
guides across the center of the image.

That's not exactly responsive to your problem - click and drag is
still required - but until a better answer comes along it might help.



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