If I intended it only for you, why would you be so rude as to publish something I wrote only to you in a public list?

On 01/02/2014 08:04 PM, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
On 2 January 2014 19:52, Daniel Hauck <dan...@yacg.com> wrote:
I think you're missing the point.  MOST users, just as with almost all other
software, do not use the advanced features of advanced software.  I see it
all the time.  I see people load up MS Word to check the spelling of
something else (copy and paste) of programs which do not support that
feature. And this amazing gold standard professional software like Adobe
Photoshop and MS Word and lots more allow people to save in formats which
are lossy.
ok. Stop there.
open a "txt" file with "ms word".Not a ".doc", "docx", "odt".
click file->save.
Read what it tells you. I rest the case.

There is nothing "advanced" in preserving
the editing information of one's project.

(Now, I actually had not  used "ms word" since, like, 1997. But I suppose
it won't overwrite your "txt" file without telling you a thing or two about
the file format you are using. Libreoffice won't.  )

BTW, did you intend this rather unconstructive message just for me, or
for the whole list?
The GIMP lists are configured in a way the default reply goes only to
the sender.


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