On Thu, 2014-01-02 at 14:36 -0500, Robert Vorsteg wrote:

>   - opening a jpg file
>   - editing
>   - saving
>   should result in a saved version of the original file,
If you happen to be using a JPEG editor that's probably true, although
watch that since JPEG compression is lossy this is not always a good

Similarly if you open a binary executable and change the contents of a
string, keeping the length constant, and save, you get a new binary
executable, but that does not make the binary editor be a compiler.

The degree of emotional attachment people have to "save as" rather than
"expert as" is a little bewildering.

>  Are there any GIMP developers who read this list?
Some. Fewer over time. There aren't that many GIMP developers to start
with, and every message (including mine!) takes time away from coding.

>   They removed
> a feature ( save as) that many users want,

The ability to write a JPEG file to disk has not been removed.
The way you access that feature changed slightly.

Constructive suggestions about how to make a more coherent workflow in
GIMP are welcomed.  Whining about change is not so welcome.

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