On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 4:12 PM, meteorquake wrote:
> Currently the cage tool recalculates the transformation with every point I
> change. This can be terribly slow for every point moved.
> What I imagine would be good therefore would be to have an option for how the
> transformation is previewed -
> 1. None - useful for moving many points; might not be necessary if 2 below 
> works
> well
> 2. Low-Res - useful for getting the transformation almost right without
> incurring exasperating delays
> 3. Full Quality - final checks and tweaks
> (It would also be a useful extra to mark key points and see how they move, but
> not quite so necessary as having a low-res preview option)
> Also an option if feasible to transform what's outside the cage also?

There's another option: not trying to do as many calculations as now :)

The developer has it in plans, he's just not active in the project right now.

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