On 01/07/2014 05:47 PM, John Meyer wrote:

> Aww, then what would we have to argue about? ;-)

There will always be users who think the GIMP is "too complicated"
or just "too hard."  And trolls gonna troll no matter what.

Some few people think those mean old "big shots" who help maintain
the GIMP and its associated community are a gang of elitists who
don't care what users want, need or think.  The fact that trolls are
given more or less free rein here on gimp-user tends to prove the
opposite:  The "big shots" in the GIMP ecosystem would rather let
morons rant, than err on the side of censorship and maybe, just
possibly, accidentally prevent some "useful" discussion or
information from making the rounds.

That's more patience and forbearance than I would have, and I'm a



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