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> No, GIMP is not free Nor any open source program for that matter.It costs
> time and effort our brilliant developers gift us and yes even money
> their work has a lot of value....So why we keep pretending it is really

It's just a matter of perspective. Things that make no sense to you make a
perfect sense to others, and vice versa.

> Why not pay them for their hard work? why  we don't  pay for developers
to work
> in open source like GIMP as if it was a job?. Gimp is an will always be
free but
> Why we not as users pay to have developers work on this proyect?

Again, a matter of perspective. Also, a matter of background. Not every
team is ready to do the paperwork, the coordination work etc. Not every
team thinks that having community as a boss is a great idea. Not every team
has developers available for full-time work. Some developers go as far as
refusing to accept donations altogether.

> I think one day we as fans of gimp should have this option. To pay
developers to
> work fro GIMP

The future will show :) Personally, I agree with you on quite a few pointa.
But at the same time I respect the team's view that centralized paid work
is not a good idea at this time.

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