On 12.1.2014 at 4:29 AM Paul_Clarke wrote:> I have been given a circa 2006 Photo frame that works very well except the
system on it is set for DOS 16 bit and my more modern photos refuse to work.

I can save the photos but is errors on them.

How do I save the photos in a form that this device can use?

Hi Paul,

without an exact error message we can just guess.
I think, following these steps will help you:

1. Look into the photo frame manual to see which image types it can handle.
I guess JPEG/JPG will be among them.

2. If the images are not already in this format: open them in GIMP
and export them to that format (if GIMP has it, but of course it
can export to JPEG). If you have many photos to convert using GIMP
will surely take a long time. You might have more luck then with image
viewing or conversion programs, which can do this as batch job.

3. If that doesn't work then something else might be the cause. Try to
find support from the photoframes manual, manufacturer or community.



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