On 1/11/2014 3:54 PM, Helen wrote:
Close.  Not exactly but closer than anyone has understood so far.
Mark said:
Helen opens myfile.jpg with gimp. She saves myfile.jpg and it becomes
myfile.xcf. She can't see myfile.jpg any more to see > what it looks like

I suppose that's true in some (trivial?) sense but doens't matter. I see
the .xcf.

She exports myfile.xcf to myfile.jpg and that's fine, the jpg is saved
but it is not displayed. If the xcf had been saved, she is > looking at the
xcf. If the xcf had not been saved and she exported myfile.jpg to a jpg
file, she is now looking at "untitled.xcf."

This is what the problem is.  Well, I would never export a file that hasn't
been first saved a xcf, but regardless of that, I don't
see what I was working on.    Mark I can't do what you said about windows,
I have no computers that run windows but I
assume what you are thinking is what i can do in digkam, and yes the file
is there.  But to continue working on it I have to
open it again.

She can't see it because the file name is no longer in the title bar of
the window. She is apparently looking in the title bar of > the image
window--that off color strip that displays the file name of the image in
the window.

No, not looking at the title bar of the image window.  Thre isn't one.
It's gone.  Although, yes, the file is on my computer.

I posted a screenshot here
http://helenofmarlowe.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/usinggimp/ yesterday showing
what I see
in gimp 2.6 after exporting.

I'm looking at that page now and the only think that I can see that looks like it would be a screenshot would be a gimp screenshot of "sky.jpg" When I say "Title Bar" I'm talking about that area immediately above the menu bar, to the right of the close, minimize, and maximize buttons.

Is this what you see after you export a file to jpg format? If it is, then you can add me to your confused list because I'm looking at your file--sky.jpg. It's a teal-green gradient.
Running gimp 2.8 under fedora 20 I:
1. downloaded gwoodfarmfromback.png from the page you gave above (very nice by the way)
2. saved it (as .xcf)
3. exported it as .jpg (note, I had to change the default .png to .jpg after selecting jpg as the file type. 4. the file exports, the image is still visible on the screen and the filename is displayed as gwoodfarmfromback.xcf 5. if I browse to where I saved and exported the files, I now have three versions--all with the same file name with extensions .jpg, .png, and .xcf

  I'll post a screenshot of what I get in 2.8
after exporting.

And, Liam, I believe this is what you're asking.  In 2.8, I save every few
minutes with File > Save.  I see a brief less than a second progress bar
but nothing changes.  All is well.  At some point later, the picture is
(more or less, sort of) finished,
and I want to send it somewhere.   I go through four steps:  File > Save
(just to be sure) and then File > export.  I confirm,
a longer (10 seconds?) progress bar, and then the image is gone.  No
there.  Yes, I can still open it with Digikam  or
Gimp's  File > Open Recent, or with Gimp's document history, and maybe I
need to just accept that.

Could it be that the window containing your image is crashing while the rest of the UI is not crashing? Or is the window still there, with the proper file name and the image just gone? I do not know if 2.6 has "single window mode" (under the window menu) but if you were in that mode you might preserve your image (or crash the interface completely). Do you get the same results whether exporting to jpg, png, or other formats? If you are already working in single window mode try getting out of it and see if that makes a difference.

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