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> > And, Liam, I believe this is what you're asking.  In 2.8, I save every few
> > minutes with File > Save.  I see a brief less than a second progress bar
> > but nothing changes.  All is well.  At some point later, the picture is
> > (more or less, sort of) finished,
> > and I want to send it somewhere.   I go through four steps:  File > Save
> > (just to be sure) and then File > export.  I confirm,
> > a longer (10 seconds?) progress bar, and then the image is gone.  No
> > there.  Yes, I can still open it with Digikam  or
> > Gimp's  File > Open Recent, or with Gimp's document history, and maybe I
> > need to just accept that.
> Could it be that the window containing your image is crashing while the 
> rest of the UI is not crashing? Or is the window still there, with the 
> proper file name and the image just gone? I do not know if 2.6 has 
> "single window mode" (under the window menu) but if you were in that 
> mode you might preserve your image (or crash the interface completely). 
> Do you get the same results whether exporting to jpg, png, or other 
> formats? If you are already working in single window mode try getting 
> out of it and see if that makes a difference.

If something is crashing internally then GIMP should quite visibly inform you 
about it.  And (in my experience at least) GIMP is generally pretty hard to 

Also, single-window mode was added in 2.8.  GIMP 2.6 did not have it.

-- Stratadrake
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