Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 22:41:29 -0500
Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] gimp users matter

> > 5 - You are done!  There is no need to re-open the PNG file.
> Well, this may or may not be true.   When, six months or a year later I want 
> to look at a .png
> (check the resolution, see whether it needs to be sharpened/signed/whatever) 
> then I do,
> sometimes want to look at (and maybe adjust in some way) a  png image.

 by Alex and others do point out that opening the exported file (into a new 
window/tab) just to verify what it actually looks like is indeed a useful step. 
 And come to think of it, I know I've done that from time to time with my 

> And the comments I get about not really having an image that I think I have 
> (several people
> say variations of that) is completely over my head.  And wonder whether it 
> has a practical
> significance or just a semantic one. 

I'd call it semantics.  A matter of principle that the end user may not even 
care about.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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