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> > Why aren't you scaling it before you export it?
> That would be way too scary!!  The easiest way (for me) to lose a lot of
> work on a
> .xcf file would be to scale it and then accidentally save.  The old (2.6
> method I described)
> protected me from an accident such as that.

Yeah, I agree; although the initial PNG export is technically redundant (since 
you're about to resize & export over the same filename anyway) with 2.6's save 
model this DID have the advantage of preventing you from accidentally 
overwriting your XCF file with the wrong image resolution during any 
intermediate steps.  Whereas with 2.8's Save/Export model you do not have that 
protection whatsoever, because the Save command always targets the XCF file 
(i.e. is unaffected by any exports).  Literally every moment between the 
initial image resize and the final close/quit carries the possibility you might 
accidentally save the wrong resolution to your XCF file.  It's especially 
dangerous if this happens during the prompt when you close the image because in 
this case you won't have an Undo history to come back later and revert back to 
the correct resolution with.

So for now, about the safest thing to do is just duplicate the image into a new 
window/tab (which isn't linked to the XCF file) before you make any potentially 
destructive edits you do NOT want included in your XCF.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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