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On Fri, 2014-01-17 at 20:30 +0100, anis siteduzero wrote:
Thank's for this reply
Ok i know that its difficult to know how many GIMP user are there but i
think that i will have an idea of the number  of GIMP user if someone know
nearly how much gimp was downloaded weekly on sourceForge (not the exact
number (more the 50000 or less?)
GIMP is also included with many Linux distributions (I use Mageia Linux,
which includes it), making it even harder to guess.

All the "point release" of Gimp on I checked Sourceforge were downloaded from 4.5 to 7 million times. I don't know how much user overlap there is between these versions, but even assuming all users upgrade regularly that's still 5 millions possible users.

I distribute two sets of Gimp python scripts via sourceforge and the sourceforge statistics give the OS of the downloaders; on one collection there are 57% downloads from Windows and on the other 72%. Linux is a decent second (32% and 21%). OSX is far behind (2.5% (less than "unknown") and 4.5%).

Of course this is a  skewed statistic:
- Python support was not native on windows, so Windows may be under-represented,
- Scripts are more likely to be downloaded by less casual users.
- Stats show the operating system used for the download, not the one on which th script runs (there are Android downloads....)

But it is coherent with what I see on forums (a vast majority of Windows users). So if you have a believable statistic for Windows users at 25-30% more for the other platforms.
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