Joao:  I've re-copied and pasted it, but it still doesn't show up.

Ofnuts:  The file name ends with .py, not .txt.  I checked to make sure.

Partha:  I always click on Reply when I'm replying to a posting, as I did this
time, so I don't know why it would appear as a new thread.  For some reason, my
old Subject title "Why so COMPLICATED?" keeps appearing, so I have to change it

Kevin:  I've joined that other forum and posted my "feather_paste" issue there. 

Wow, so much trouble just to feather some edges easily, the way I did in
FotoTouch -- 15 years ago!



>So, if you have Python console configured, and you are on Windows, all
>that you should need to do is to put that file
>in one of the directories listed in your
>edit->preferences->folders->plug-ins  -
>and restart GIMP.
>If the entry does not show up in your edit menu by then, it is
>possible that you copied more (or less) lines than you should when
>picking the Python file, and therefore, you have a syntax error in the
>file you are trying to use a sa  plug-in.
>Just copy the file again from this URL,  from the first to last line:

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