I'm afraid to Reply to anything at this point, but I just want to clarify that
the "trouble" to which I referred was with the whole "feathering of edges"
issue.  It was so very simple in FotoTouch, so anything more complicated is, to
me, needless trouble.  These are all very petty problems, indeed, but still....

Anyway, I'll be posting at gimpchat.com from now on.  Good-bye to the annoying
"challenge" things.  Too much eye strain even without those things!



>Hi Joe,
>Even now, it's a new thread.
>You started with one thread (which forget now), then you used "Why so
>complicated" to respond to my questions, and then you used "Can't Find
>feather_paste.py plugin" and now you are using "Can't Find
>feather_paste.py" Script file.
>Thus it's difficult to keep all the suggestions to you together.
>Any way, all the trouble is because you cannot find the menu item on your
>system and everyone is trying to help you.

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