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> On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 12:33 PM, Jernej Simončič
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>> Perhaps we'll have to add a warning on the download page that Kaspersky
>> breaks GIMP, and users should avoid it. It worked in the past...
> I guess that makes sense. The message should be well worded, and as
> neutral as possible though. I am not for putting a blame on anyone.
> And it is not said that there is not something that we could do to
> work around the issue too.

Preferably, we should contrast this warning with an example of FLOSS
doing better, and there could just be such a chance.

Camstudio, a screen recording software, is released under the GNU GPL
and has been reported to cause the same problems - someone already
reported the issue to them:


But Terry Britton states that, while being the maintainer of Camstudio,
he is not a programmer (camstudio.org, A Plea For Help ...), and so the
very specific inquiry in that forum post (does camstudio do anything to
that list of libraries) was probably misleading. There seem to be some
programmers around there, though.

So if we follow up on that post and point out that this is still an
issue, we might get some nice research going on there.

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