Hello. First of all, thank you all for being a part of the legend that is GIMP!

Recently, I noticed there is an app for iOS in iTunes 
which uses the name GIMP, uses the GIMP mascot for the icon, is NOTHING like 
GIMP whatsoever, doesn't give a disclaimer about its nonofficial status, and 
(most outrageously) is charging money. I purchased this app yesterday thinking 
it would be similar to GIMP, yet it couldn't be more different if it tried. The 
main interface uses an editing suite by Aviary. This same suite has shown up in 
other entirely unrelated apps. Apart from that, the only original feature is a 
bare-bones main screen with a difficult-to-use photo selection feature and the 
ability to share the saved project with others. That's it. I have a feeling 
something hinky is going on.

The developer's name for the misnamed GIMP app is Amit Chaudhary. I don't know 
if any of you know him (I'm guessing you do not, I don't see his name listed 
among Gimp's developers/contributors nor is he listed among Aviary's: 
http://aviary.com/company). If you do, are you aware of this issue? If you do 
not, do you plan on taking any legal action? After all, I (and surely others) 
feel cheated out of the money I spent on the app. Whereas your desktop app is 
stellar (and unbelieveably free)! So I was naturally surprised and let down by 
this pretender app.

If this is all a mistake on my end, I apologize. However, it would be nice if 
the app were more similar to the Gimp we all know and love, insofar as that is 
practicable on iOS.

Thank you kindly for your attention.

Zot Dudot
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