Am 26.01.2014 18:40, schrieb Jerry:

> I'm enjoying GIMP for some time. For some time I use it for editing BMP images
> with alpha channel. These images are standard under Windows CE. Many GPS
> Navigation programs use it.
> GIMP version 8.2.6 was able to recognize such images and I was able to export 
> As
> A8. These were perfectly compatible with Windows CE 5 and 6, as long as 
> checked
> "do not write color space information". When not checked, image was shifted.
> GIMP 8.2.10 cannot recognize alpha channel in BMP. In addition, when proper
> image is exported as BMP alpha, it's not readable by Windows CE.

Do you have an example of a working and a non-working image somewhere?

> And "Captcha" is insanely annoying :(

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