On 22.01.2014 00:59, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> On 22.01.2014 00:21, Zot Dudot wrote:

>> If you do not, do you plan on taking any legal action?
> I've used the iTunes complaints form to file a complaint against this
> app based on publicity, application name, keywords and other (i.e. the
> icon). With some explanatory text of what people expect to get when they
> see an application called GIMP photo editor somewhere.
> Well... or at least I'm trying to, that page is sitting on
> "Submitting..." for a while already.
> Let's see if this is enough, once the complaint has been submitted.

In the meantime, Apple has reacted to my mail - they mailed the app
creator and told him to explain himself. Which he did, but not exactly
to our satisfaction.

I've replied to this, and suggested an action that should be agreeable
by both parties. Let's see what's going to happen now.

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