On Sun, 2014-02-23 at 17:51 +0100, EGoldman wrote:
> I have installed Ufraw and now my gimp crashes when I attempt to open...Please
> help :(

Is this on the Mac? on Linux? (which distribution exactly?) on Microsoft
Windows (which version? XP? 7?) Which version of gimp exactly? Where did
you get it?

How did you install ufraw? How did you install gimp?

Your gimp crashes when you attempt to open what exactly? A raw image? Or
when you try to start gimp? Are there any messages if you run gimp from
a terminal?

What happened when you uninstalled ufraw?

There are literally tens of thousands of possible reasons why you might
be having problems, so rather than list them all we need some help in
narrowing down and reducing the range of possibilities.



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