On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 6:05 PM, Reinhardt Christiansen
<rhino...@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> How do I get back to where I'm getting the toolbox automatically upon
> opening GIMP and the supporting dialogs also appear when you click on the
> relevant tool?

1 - the <Tab> key will toggle visibility of your toolbox and the
dockable dialogs.

2 - look under Windows->Dockable Dialogs.  You will find the tool
options, brushes etc. there.  Depending on how long ago you closed
them, you may find them under Windows->Recently Closed Docks.

3 - you might want to try Single Window Mode.  This is also under the
main 'Windows' menu.  This makes all the tools and dockables into one
solid window, instead of all the little floating windows.

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