I downloaded the gimp wavelet-decompose tar file, extracted it, and ran
make and make install.  It is now in /usr/lib/gimp/plug-ins but when I
run gimp, I can't find it.  It is supposed to appear as a generic
filter, but it isn't there.  Also, the plugin browser can't find it.

What do I do so that gimp can find it.

I am running gimp 2.8.6 under Fedora 17 Linux.

Added later:

I found it, but I still don't understand just what happened.

I ran make as myself, and then ran make install as root (using sd).  The 
got put in /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins

I put a link to it in my local .gimp-2.8/plug-ins and that fixed the problem.

How should i straighten out all my gimp directories to avoid this sort of

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