Hi. I am an user of Blender and Gimp. In Gimp, I met some problems with
texturing. I am trying to follow the tutorial which I linked here

   It is for Photoshop, and using the same techniques in Gimp gives me
problems. So...here is my pipeline and the problem.
1. I export the UV snapshot from Blender and load it in Gimp.
2. I load a texture image in a new layer, let's say a wooden texture.
3. I place the image above a desired UV shell.
4. I select the UV snapshot layer, then with the magic wand selection tool,
I select the region outside the shells.
5. With the selection active, I select the texture layer then press delete.
6. The texture outside the shells get deleted. However, the texture covers
some unwanted shells, resulting some texture scraps.
7. With the rectangle sellection box and the texture layer selected, I
select the scraps then press delete.
      The problem is that nothing happens. What I done wrong? How to fix
       How to texture in Gimp?
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