On 3/7/2014 9:53 AM, Bob Shaw wrote:
> Good day, I`m a new user and require some guidance to create a rotating
> photo cube using map object.
> I am working with windows 7, and have Gimp 2.8 and GAP 2.6 installed. I
> have verified some tutorials and saw a Youtube project with a rotating
> photo cube. I have followed the example but my finished project does not
> spin in a smooth fashion. It appears to turn sporadically. Could anyone
> point me in the right direction? The object is to apply this information to
> other animated functions.
> Thanks very much
> Bob

Have you checked the time each frame is to show? Have you let the object
fully load? I know even on my laptop sometimes a really big animation
takes a while to load and it looks like it isn't a smooth animation.

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