A GIMP error message pops-up when one clicks on the Print button in the
Gimp-TurboPrint window. When one clicks on Valider (OK) the image is processed
to the TurboPrint manager. The error message warns, "gnome-keyring: couldn't
connecto to:/tmp/keyring-6egBLT/pkcs11" no such file or folder (my rough
translation of "Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type".  A later trial and the
pop-message is the same except for the folder which is now named keyring-tibTve.
I.e., the name of the folder changes but the file remains the same. Almost
needless to say one finds neither folder in /tmp  - however, I do have
/tmp/keyring-zQAVIE and it has a pkcs11 file in it. I take it there is a GIMP
configuration file that needs editing. N.B., I am unable to edit pkcs11.

My system has:
• GIMP 2.8.10  
• Gimp-TurboPrint v1.1.11 (Build 17 jan 2011) 
• TurboPrint 2.26-2 2012-07-30 
• Linux Mint 13 Maya/Mate

Yes, my OS and apps run in French and the messages are a bit franglais but I
suspect still easily understood in English.

If this is not the correct mailing list, please point me toward the proper one.
If this problem has already been asked and answered, likewise, please point me
toward its resolution.

Many thanks.


George-R (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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