>There is no "ready made" way to create such an effect in GIMP.
>The texture lines are more easily created with a specialized animated
>brush -
>in which the main image in each frame is a thin, irregular line - and
>save it
>to use "random" cells.
>Or you can just try to pick a tablet (of the type used to draw, not an
>use a simple circular brush with the basic dynamics and draw the lines
>like you'd do with a "real world" ballpoint pen.
>I've got the GIMP brush and the dynamic - they are available here,
>along with my painting test:
>(consider these resources free to use, hack and share under CC 3.0
>Attribution Required)
>You can then fine tune a painting dynamics on GIMP to allow the angle
>of the stroke to vary just a little
>bit in each stroke -- you  will paint that in a background layer,
>above which you should
>place an opaque layer, with a mask containing your target text in
>black (so that the
>text area is a 'window' to the texture layer below)
>That was the "difficult" part.  But the whole thing involves a lot of
>steps, so let me list it more or less step by step:
>Create New image
>Type in your base text, in the font and size you will like - the
>distortion will come later
>convert your text to a mask:
>    right click on the text layer on the layer dialog
>    layer to image size
>    right click again, and add layer mask:
>          pick "transfer layer alpha channel" and check the "invert
>mask"  option
>    click on the main text layer thumbnail on the dialog to select it
>again (instead of the mask)
>    fill it with your desired color (e.g. white)
>Now, selecting the background layer as your active layer, and leaving
>the text layer visible, start painting, with these configurations:
>    select the above mentioned brush and painting dynamics, with the
>Paintbrush tool
>    set the "Angle" parameter to your desired base angle (+/-15ยบ)
>set the "Size" I found the size of +/- 70px to work fine with this
>    set "apply jitter", and it intensity to about 0.4
>Now you have your texture - to get your distortion:
>    create a new layer, name it "distortion map"
>    rescale the layer to 6,25% (Layer->Scale Layer)
>    apply filters->noise->Hurl, default settings are good.
>    scale layer back to the image size (cubic transform)
>    optional: you may want to enhance contrast on this mapping layer -
>I use colors->curves
>    make the mapping layer invisible
>    select the layer mask of the text layer
>    filters->map->displace; pick your mapping layer as... map, I've
>set displacement to 7px
>And finally to get you the text outline:
>    with the text layer mask selected, make a selection using the
>"Select by Color tool"
>    create a new, transparent layer
>    edit->stroke selection - if solid line does not look good, use a
>round brush with some jitter,
>        or finetune the painting dynamics until you suit yourself.
>No. :-)

Thanks! This work really well!

cgaik (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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