That's okay, the GiMP will get by without you. But you're right about many things. Among these is that it is written, maintained and directed by tech people with the notion that they are taking on the big boys and that they have a "professional workflow" in mind as they continue to develop. One problem, though, as they have demonstrated time and time again, GiMP does not take complaints or suggestions.

This is where they completely miss the "professional" goal. Users and customers are considered to be valuable in the professional world and it doesn't matter if the software is free or not.

For what it's worth, I personally find GiMP easier than Photoshop. But then again, I started on GiMP and Inkscape before trying Photoshop and Illustrator. "Easy and Intuitive" has a lot to do with where you started. I started with those for graphics and in a larger sense, I started with *NIX before Linux was ever announced and never used GUIs until much later in the game and followed the principles and ideals of effective GUI design closely since then. GiMP breaks some of those rules but, as you might guess, they ignore complaints and suggestions. They keep using words like professional and workflow but I don't think they mean what they think they mean.

Be cautioned: there are a fair number of cheerleaders out there, and they aren't hard to spot.

Enjoy your experiences with Photoshop. I've never used wine in that way before and I've heard it has really matured. It has gotten me thinking that perhaps the best way for me to get the latest GiMP to work on the latest CentOS is to use wine and GiMP for Windows. I can't get it working terribly well under CentOS because of GTK compatibility issues. (I have recently learned this introduction of DLL hell was intentionally created in order to kill GNOME2. Taking a page from Microsoft's playbook? I guess they missed the part where such tactics are largely why people HATE MICROSOFT.)

On 03/13/2014 12:15 PM, Full Name wrote:
You know... I just wanted to express my concern of Gimp and if you're not the 
right person than pass it on.

I have been using Linux since 1999 and have used Gimp for many years now and I 
am at the point of
discontinuing the use of it.

First I will give a positive... It's about time Gimp has been made into a 
ONE-WINDOW application!!!
Took you people long enough. I have always loved the EASE of gimp in the 
beginning all the way up
until about version 2.0 - after that, it started going down hill.

This program used to be easy to work with and was somewhat user-friendly. Today 
on the other hand, it is
FAR from being user-friendly. But I am sure you people have not one clue of 
this as you continue down
that path. I have SEVERAL friends on Linux including family members as I have 
set most of them up on
Netrunner-OS and Zorin. NO ONE I have gotten into Linux, likes your Gimp 
program. Today, I myself am
having a hard time figuring out Gimp... because it gets completely changed with 
each new release!! I
have BETTER things to do than to RE-LEARN a program with every new release.

Anyone can tell that Gimp is created by the techie programmers FOR the techie 
programmers because
anyone I have introduced this program to recently has quickly found that it is 
a piece of worthless, UN-
user friendly Crap and have decided to uninstall it from their computers for 
good. Things that should
be very easy to implement are either hidden for some ridiculous reason or you 
programmers simply
have no freaking clue what the hell it is you’re doing!! Just because you can 
program, doesn't make you
any more smart than anyone else. Because it is obvious you have no idea what it 
take TO design a
program for the people.

Now I am having to install Photoshop on all computers using wine and thanks to 
YOU, it has caused me
a great deal of work. As I am a big supporter of open source software amongst 
my group of friends and
family... plus those I newly meet... most seem to want to go back to the 
spy-wares like MicroTrash and
Crapple and I find it a task to keep them all on Linux. YOU however,... make my 
job SO MUCH harder!!!

Just wanted to THANK YOU for being true morons who happen to eat, sleep and 
shit behind your
computers to create garbage that makes my life all that much harder. THANKS SO 

Have a nice day~
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