I've posted before about the new path tool problems but nothing really
came of it. I just had a few new things to add.

The main problem is when trying to stroke a hand made path. If either
handle is even the slightest bit pulled out, it will interrupt the
stroke and leave a gap. This is a problem for 2 reasons.

1. When placing nodes, the new tool is too sensitive and I think it
could use some sort of threshold adjustment. Unless you concentrate to
make sure the mouse is completely still when placing the node, click
the mouse and fully release the button before the slightest movement,
it will inevitably pull the handles out the tiniest bit. This can be
very hard to see if you aren't zoomed in extremely close, and really
destroys your workflow.

2. My path workflow has always been to just drag the path itself out
away from the node to draw out the handles. This again now will affect
the handle on the opposing node and push out the handle the slightest
bit and mess up the stroke.

I believe the old path tool probably reacted in nearly the same way,
but the stroke was never left with these gaps. Something about the new
tool is different and requires superior precision on handle placement
or you will experience this trouble. So for the longest time now I've
had to go back and edit these nodes at full zoom to remove the errant
handles or I can never get a clean stroke. I even try to make sure
every handle is out and pointing in a good direction to save myself
some time in the end, but neither way is as quick as the old path tool.

I'm not sure if the path tool is low priority or not, but before the
upgrade, it was a superior tool. I'm all for precision, but there needs
to be a threshold adjustment or something to ignore handles that are
pulled out by less than X-px.

1 would be a great starting point. :P

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