On Fri, Mar 14, 2014, at 05:45 PM, Simon Budig wrote:
> akovia (akov...@eml.cc) wrote:
> > The main problem is when trying to stroke a hand made path. If either
> > handle is even the slightest bit pulled out, it will interrupt the
> > stroke and leave a gap. This is a problem for 2 reasons.
> I don't understand what you mean by "gap"? Are you saying that having a
> corner at a node makes edit->stroke path leave gaps? Can you create a
> screenshot?

> > 1. When placing nodes, the new tool is too sensitive and I think it
> > could use some sort of threshold adjustment. Unless you concentrate to
> > make sure the mouse is completely still when placing the node, click
> > the mouse and fully release the button before the slightest movement,
> > it will inevitably pull the handles out the tiniest bit. This can be
> > very hard to see if you aren't zoomed in extremely close, and really
> > destroys your workflow.
> yeah, that might make sense - my first attempt would put the threshold
> at the radius of the node representation.
That sounds good.

> > 2. My path workflow has always been to just drag the path itself out
> > away from the node to draw out the handles. This again now will affect
> > the handle on the opposing node and push out the handle the slightest
> > bit and mess up the stroke.
> Note that if you drag the path closely to one node, the handle on the
> opposite node will not be moved. Only a (largeish) area in the middle
> moves both handles simultaneously (yet still with a shifting weight
> depending on where you drag).

Yeah, I am very aware of that. It's probably a bad habit but it always
produced expected results with the old path tool so it's kinda ingrained
in me now. I am always aware when I pop out the opposing handle in any
meaningful way, but this happens at such a small scale that I never know
it till I'm trying to stroke something.

> > I believe the old path tool probably reacted in nearly the same way,
> > but the stroke was never left with these gaps.
> Again - I have no idea what gaps you are referring to. Maybe a
> screenshot can help.

Hopefully the screenshot will clear it up. It's very easily reproducible
by just zooming in all the way and tweak a handle in some odd way the
slightest bit. I didn't try to find the worst example, but sometimes it
will leave a huge gap unlike the small one in the screenshot. Maybe next
time I am rendering I will use my normal workflow and capture the
results before going back and repairing it. 

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