Im currently looking atthe possibility to replace photoshop with gimp..
Just finished a random private project... a floor replacement.
(the file i worked with is attached)

So some Things i encountered in direct comparison to photoshop.
It is total in the realm of possibility that i didn´t know about the feature i
miss.. or theres another equally cool way to achieve my goals.. I´m a new GIMP

The possibility to work non destructive.. isn´t quite there in gimp.
# no adjustment layers (curves, color correction etc.)
# no layer masks for layer folders

some minor issues i ran into
# i cant mark multiple layers with strg or shift + leftclick
(if i want to drop 10 layers in a folder... i have to manually push them into it
.. one by one)
# the cage transform tool doenst save your transform cage.. i cant go in and
tweak the cage..
# the use of the move & scale & other transform tools feel clunky in comparison
to photoshop.. even with hotkeys
# different blend modes in one layer folder ... produce strange results.. there
isnt an option "work through" like in photoshop

on the plus side
+ the path tools are really intuitive and fluid to use
+ saving and exporting work smooth as ... butter
+ selection generation and manipulation are intuitive and fast
+ painting works nice

i love it so far... and am sure that i can replace photoshop with more practise
and knowledge about GIMP..

cheears & and stay awesome

.edit ok the file seems to big for the forum
heres a link:

crumpy_panda (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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