On  15.3.2014 at 5:04 PM crumpy_panda wrote:
Is there a hidden option for a complete non destructive worklfow ? like
adjustment layers and non permanent filter in photoshop ?

GIMP has no adjustment layers, but we're working on a non-destructive
workflow. At the next LibreGraphicsMeeting in Leipzig there will be
an [agenda item] on how a non-destructive workflow will look in GIMP.
I'm not sure whether GIMP's solution will be adjustment layers but
I am curious.
For now you can use layers and layer masks to work non-destructively.

What exactly do you mean with non-permanent filters in Photoshop?
Do you mean the Smart filters?

how important is a non destructive workflow for the developers ?
are they aware
that it isnt possible right now ? is it planned to get it implemented better ?

It is important and we're working on it. Look out for GEGL.
See also our [roadmap] and the [GEGL porting matrix].

the layer folders seem to be a neglected child.. why?

In GIMP you can group layers with Layer groups. Unfortunately they
don't have masks, but this is a work in progress (see the first
item on the roadmap).

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[agenda item]


[GEGL porting matrix]:

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