The question isn't really if the workflow is nondestructive,
but rather, to what extent. In GIMP you can paint nondestructively by
using a new transparent layer. In photoshop you can do that and on top
of that use layer effects/filters nondestructively. That is, afaik, not
currently possible in GIMP. 

However, the big project the developers
are working on right now is transitioning GIMP to a new core, called
GEGL. With that, it should be possible to retroactively change pretty
much anything you have done to the image, even far more than is possible
with photoshop right now. But, as I said, it is a big project and we
don't now when it will be done/released. 

Am 15.03.2014 17:04, schrieb

>> Um... questions?
> well i didnt formulated them
out... you are right ;)
> so one important one would be:
> Is
there a hidden option for a complete non destructive worklfow ? like
adjustment layers and non permanent filter in photoshop ?
> how
important is a non destructive workflow for the developers ? are they
> that it isnt possible right now ? is it planned to get it
implemented better ?
> the layer folders seem to be a neglected
child.. why?

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