violetriver wrote:
I downloaded the HELP package from and installed it. When I
try to use it in GIMP I still get the message that I don't have HELP installed.

The language of the help package has to match the user interface language (set under Edit > Preferences > Interface > Language). I had that problem a while back; in my case, I'd installed the UK English (en_GB) help, but the interface was set to the default US English (en_US), so didn't detect the help package.

OS: Windows 7 home premium - service pack 1 - 2009

GIMP: 2.8.10

Can't access today - anyone else having problems?

Not working for me either. Not even responding to ping, so looks like the server's down. Or blocked by my ISP (now Sky - Be having been bought out by them); a quick search it looks like they blocked a while back.
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