While I normally use GIMP on Linux, I installed Gimp for Windows 2.8.0
on my Windows 7 machine at work some time ago.  I use GIMP a lot for
screenshots and reducing those screenshots to gray scale to take up
less space when I send a partial screenshot through email.

Works great, however, I'd like some help in knowing the fastest route
to enclosing parts of screenshots with a 2 - 3 pixel red transparent
rectangle.  Sometimes I use Windows' "Snipping tool" to do this, or
pasting into PowerPoint for annotation.....but, I'd rather do it all
with the GIMP.  Web link or concise instructions will be appreciated.

Adding an arrow or two, (and perhaps a text box) would be nice to know
how to do also, if this is something that the GIMP is the right tool
for.  It's definitely the right tool for screenshots!


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