Alexander Rabtchevich <> writes:

>When you look at an imported image in darktable without applying any 
>corrections, the program shows you the embedded preview, which was made 
>by the camera itself with all the corrections it (the camera) would made 
>with the original RAW when converting it to jpg. If you applyin UFRaw a 
>camera curve, similar to the one in darktable, you will see the similar 

It's true that the lion image imported into UFRaw is terribly over exposed,
but that is something that UFRaw is doing to the raw data.  The original
image has proper exposure which was confirmed at the time the picture was
shot as well as the proper exposure from the companion JPEG image (I shoot
RAW+JPG).  In UFRaw the histogram is shoved completely to the right edge
of the spectrum and there is no way to use this tool to fix the picture as
most of the image detail is already lost.  When I open the same file in the
DiMAGE Image Viewer software from Minolta (on a Windows XP machine), the
raw image looks just fine and can be tweaked.

So I have to assume that this is a serious bug in UFRaw and I have reported
it as such.  I'm just confused that I have not heard other people complaining
about this problem.


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