On  11.4.2014 at 11:04 PM Carol Higgins wrote:>
> I just downloaded GimpShop this afternoon and I am finding it very
> confusing, of course, as there is so much to it.  One of the things
> that confuses me is that I don’t know if I have the right version for
> my computer.  I ran across something on your website that says make
> sure you have the right version.  I have Windows 7.  How can I find
> out if I have the right version or not?  I have already “ghosted” a
> photograph so I am wondering if that means I do have the right
> version?

Hi Carol,

do you mean GIMP or GimpShop? GIMP is the original from our website
while GimpShop is something different.

If you really mean GimpShop:
Where did you get GimpShop from? You can't have got it from our website
because it is clearly not supported by us.
GIMPShop has started some years ago as GIMP fork with a Photoshop
interface. But the project is discontinued and hijacked by people
spreading malware. So you'd better uninstall it (and the malware it
brought with it) and get the original GIMP from www.gimp.org/downloads.
If you have problems doing it, I strongly recommend you to get help
from a friend respectively computer expert.

Kind regards,


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