On Tue, 2014-04-15 at 05:49 +0200, VintageGimp wrote:

I'm replying only to correct a couple of factual errors, or least places
where readers may draw incorrect conclusions.

> Thirdly it makes it far too easy to overwrite a file unintentionally, as the
> "overwrite" option sits right next to the "export" submenu and has no
> confirmation (this has happened to me, more than once!).

The Save menu item you want back didn't ask for confirmation after the
first time either.

> Sixthly (this is getting ridiculous) it makes it necessary to create an
> additional XCF file for every non-XCF image you want to edit, which makes
> working on web projects a hassle as the additional XCFs have no function and
> just add bloat to the project.

This is simply false.

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