On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 2:55 PM, VintageGimp wrote:

>>The only file format we are pushing to become universal is called
>>OpenRaster, and we are not doing it hard enough (fortunately, the
>>MyPaint's team does).
> Then why insisit on allowing users to save their files only in one single
> proprietary format?

XCF is not proprietary. It's open, documented, and supported by 3rd
party software.

> What I said:
>>the whole thing serves to make the Gimp team look like a bunch of
>>arrogant t***s, with their narrow-minded insistence that they alone know
>>what "professional" users need and that the rest of us are somehow
>>stupid for not appreciating the amazing improvement this represents.
>>I'm sure they're all really nice and friendly people, but the defensive
>>attitude they display whenever this issue comes up makes me wonder
>>if there's perhaps some nagging doubts about whether it really was a good
> You're not helping disprove anything here...

I have no slightest intention disproving anything for you. You did not
come to talk and listen here, you came to have an argument. I will not
tolerate that.

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