>I have no slightest intention disproving anything for you. You did not
>come to talk and listen here, you came to have an argument. I will not
>tolerate that.

I came to complain - both at what I and many others view as a stupid design
decision, and the boneheaded attitude of (some of) the developers. With the
complaint being registered, and my point about attitude now proven, I have
nothing further to add except this:

I think it is a terrible shame that the only viable alternative to Photoshop
fails on usability - and fails so badly that it makes it impossible to fully
make the switch. I know I'm not alone in having to keep a computer running
Windows for the sole purpose of using Photoshop, not because it provides any
functionality that The Gimp is lacking, but because the workflow is so clunky
and painful as to make any serious amount of work in it a chore. The reason so
many people are upset about this is not that it would take any huge amount of
effort on the part of its developers to correct these shortcoming, but because
they chose to ignore their users and follow some religious "vision" instead. The
"save vs export" controversy is not the only problem here, there are many other
annoyances for those who are used to the way the market leading application does
things, which of course is why it remains the market leader. Adobe clearly have
nothing to fear from your efforts, but it's unfortunate that you inadvertently
limit the uptake of Linux as a serious platform for imaging professionals. I use
Linux exclusively for _everything_ else, and have found many great FOSS
applications to replace the closed source Windows equivalents I used for almost
two decades - Inkscape is one good example, which I now actually _prefer_ over
Illustrator, LibreOffice is another, with its small footprint and (compared to
Word) uncluttered UI. It clearly is possible for Open Source software to not
just be good, but actually better than the proprietary applications it competes
with - but The Gimp remains a tragic exception.

VintageGimp (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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