On  20.4.2014 at 9:15 PM Carusoswi wrote:
One issue that stumps me:  re precision, should I use linear or gammp, 15, 32,
or 64 bits?  Curious as to what you recommend.

the DNG file format specification version 1.4 allows a precision of
up to 32 bit floating point values. Current RAW images from Canon,
Nikon and Sony high-end cameras have a bit depth of 14 bits, so
16 bit should be a sufficient compromise between precision and
computing speed for now.
Floating point calculations are more precise than integer calculations.
The physical light is what we call 'linear' and therefore I would say,
that editing in linear light gives more realistic results.

So my recommendation for now would be 16 bit floating point (linear).

Otherwise, enjoying my 2.9 experience.

It's nice to hear that ;-)

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