Whenever I did this in the past  I took the Image, added an alpha channel, then
duplicated the layer, then while on the original layer clicked >> colors >> then
Desaturate (to B & W )  Or tweaked it with curves to get complete white
background.  Then click >> Colors >> Invert (looks like a negative) then select
paint brush, paint white what I want to keep  cut, add mask - all white, >> then
edit  then paste and now I see a floating layer on the layers palett  then click
the anchor to connect etc.  So here is the problem and this started maybe 5 days
or so ago (today is April 25. 2014) -- upon clicking on desaturate and invert,
the picture will no longer go black n white like a negative and I cannot proceed
to remove the background.  This is my most used method of removing background as
I can get very detailed results.

Also just last nite I updated to the latest release hoping that would fix the
issue -- but sadly it did not.

I will add 2 pictures to show you my desktop so you can see what I see. 

Pic # 1 - is original before manipulation with all tools out and settings as
they appear upon opening program.

Pic # 2 - after applying add to Alpaha, then Invert Desaturate  only to original
(lumosity selected)   - no other tweeks made.



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