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RichardGMTaylor <forums <at> gimpusers.com> writes:

> I have just downloaded Gimp 2.8.8 to my Mac with OS X 10.9.2 Maverick and I'm
> following an online tutorial from Gimp.org and everything seems fine until
I try
> to enter some text. The tutorial shows a Tool Options area appear at the
> of the Toolbar module on the left side, when clicking on the text icon A.

I'm not too sure how much GIMP differs from my linux version and the OSX
version you use.

> However, when I do this nothing happens. I can locate a another Text box which
> appears on my canvas area when I go to Tools in the top drop down menu, but I
> cannot make any changes to the text from there.

I seldom use text in GIMP but when I do a simple click and type doesn't
work, although when I click on the canvas I have a box thingy divided in
four, when I use my mouse to drag any of those corners/quarters, usually the
bottom right one, my text area is immediately enlarged and I can type to my
hearts content. 

I made a quick gif for you to see how I do it :) hopefully it helps. 

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