This one's not necessarily GIMP specific, GIMP just happens to be the first 
example of it I have on hand:  At the bottom of the image window, my Zoom 
listbox shows a missing Unicode symbol next to the displayed zoom level.  E.g. 
instead of "100%" it shows "100 [2 0 0 ... ]" (the last digit is probably a 5 
but it's cut off).

According to the Unicode standard manual, 2005 is a "four-per-em space" 
(compared to a regular, 0x0020 space which is synonymous with "2-per-em".)

This is the only location in GIMP where this happens -- all other interface 
text anywhere I can find displays fine.  (This includes the View menu, where 
the various Zoom presets correctly show a %.)

It has been displaying like this for literally years (since at least 2.8.2) .  
Can I fix it on my end or should I file it as a bug?

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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