On Tue, 2014-05-20 at 17:01 -0700, Richard wrote:
> This one's not necessarily GIMP specific, GIMP just happens to be the
> first example of it I have on hand:  At the bottom of the image
> window, my Zoom listbox shows a missing Unicode symbol next to the
> displayed zoom level.  E.g. instead of "100%" it shows "100 [2 0 0 ...
> ]" (the last digit is probably a 5 but it's cut off).

Which version of GIMP exactly? Which Linux distribution?
Which versions of libgtk and gdk? Pango?

Here are some spare ones for you :-) "     " - do they show up OK? And
if so, which email client are you using to read this?

(there should be some of those spaces between the double quotes).

It's hard to help you debug further without knowing your exact
environment, I'm afraid.


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