Thanks for the verification.

> Bug?  Shift+2 == @, but you'd think that all keyboard shortcuts
> should use the actual scan code for the key(s) and not its logical
> input value.....

I say bug because it is, according to the Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts
menu/ +View dialog, already assigned.  

How the mapping is done would depend on where in the stack one did it.
I could see a case for doing it either way.

Gimp has an interesting issue for shortcuts, I think (I'm not familiar 
with the code)  Chars/keycodes are not mapped the same all the time.  
You want normal characters, such as @, when entering text; but the rest 
of the time you want it to be a shortcut.  Which means it has to be 
mapped in two different ways depending on the state.  It obviously does 
it correctly / according to the docs/interface for some characters, but 
not others.

>> I have not been able to get the keyboard shortcuts for < 100% view 
>> (<shift>2, etc.) to work since as long as I can remember. The ones
>> for 100% and greater ('1', '2', etc.) seem to work fine.
>> If I activate the shortcut key editing dialog and try to set the
>> shortcut manually, e.g. <shift>2 for 50%, instead of displaying
>> <shift>2 it displays "@" (which is the normal character for
>> <shift>2 on my keyboard) and it works fine.
>> Does anyone else have the same issue?
>> Is there something I am missing, or are the shortcuts simply not
>> working in my (fbsd) build?

> Aha, here we are (I think).

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