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> from time to time we are asked whether the GIMP license
> permits to do this or that, for instance publish GIMP
> created art or redistribute GIMP.
> GIMP itself is licensed under the [GNU General Public
> License, version 3], the GIMP libraries are licensed under
> the [GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3].
> Both describe the usage conditions.

I wonder if it would be good creating a highlights page for publishers.
Sort of like a faq addressing common concerns.  e.g.

Can GIMP be freely distributed on physical media (CD, DVD, Magazine) or
digital media (download from a third party website)? Yes

Can GIMP be modified and freely distributed?  Yes but it is recommended
(not required) to change the branding in cases of heavy modification so
that the GIMP brand is not affected by usage of your modified version.

Can GIMP be used for commercial purposes? Yes

Can works created in GIMP be sold? Yes.  Works created in GIMP are entirely
owned by the creator of the work to do whatever they wish.

Can the GIMP logo be used as part of my event XYZ? Yes/No?  Just coming up
with another question at this point.

For more details about the rights provided to you by using GIMP see the
[GNU General Public License version 3][license]

[license]: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/plain/COPYING

The idea is you extract all of the legalese out of the conversation and
filter it down to what people care about.  By people I mean those who are
considering to use GIMP for whatever purpose.

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