These questions pertain to the Gimp Open Image dialog and apply to both
version 2.6.11 on Solaris and 2.8.6 on Ubuntu.

The left side of the dialog contains the Places column which is divided into
three sections:

    Section A: The Search and Recently Used entries.  
    Section B: The automatically assigned bookmarks.  
    Section C: The user-defined directory bookmarks.


    #1: How can I rearrange the entries in sections B and C?  It looks
        like I should be able to drag &drop them at desired location, but
        this does not work in 2.6.11 (although, very infrequently an entry
        will jump to a new totally random position!) and drag & drop actually
        crashes Gimp in 2.8.6.

    #2: In 2.6.11, somehow a few local bookmarks got included in section
        B, but there is no way to remove or rename them.  (The RC menu is
        greyed out for all entries in section B.)  Is there a solution or
        workaround to edit this section?

    #3: I would like to be able to place a few important bookmarks into
        section B and keep everything else in section C.  Is there a way
        to designate what appears in section B?

    #4: In 2.8.6 I had a lot of Samba link bookmarks to image directories
        on remote filesystems located in section C.  However, every time
        I click on any of these bookmarks they are immediately moved to
        section B and renamed, now becoming uneditable.  Section B has
        become a mess.  Is there a way to stop this behavior.

Thanks for any insights.

Jeffery Small

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