I would like to request a feature but I'm not sure exactly what to

I work with a lot of xcf's and images at a time and it would be nice if
I could save a session of open tabs, or even better, some way to manage
projects. A project being a set of images including xcf's that I could
hopefully browse the thumbs of and could open a single image from the
project, or open them all.

When I'm in the middle of a project now and either have a gimp crash
(rare), or have to reboot for a kernel update, I either have to write
down all my open files, or save them all so they will be at the top of
my document history to make it easy to reopen them. Either way is
cumbersome and seems like there should be a better way.

Also, I feel like the document history tab could use some loving. The
thumbs are very small and most of my file names are longer than what
fits inside the tab without scrolling back and forth. I'd love to see
resizable thumbs and an option to show thumbs only without any text.
You can see the path and file name much better anyway when you hover
the thumb, so it seems like wasted space to show it by default. This
way you could have a grid of thumbs instead, allowing you to see much
more of the history without scrolling forever.

So I guess in a perfect world, I would have a project management tab
that would list my projects and could browse the thumbs of the project
by selecting it from the list. Be able to add and remove files from a
project. Have a default project/session that will ask if you want to
restore all previously open tabs on restarting gimp. (Like a browser
does) And of course having a better document history browser.

Would something like this benefit anyone else in their workflow?


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